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Gaming News
Hello! Yes this website has gotten quite inactive recently so I want to let you and everyone else know that Infinite Union is still very much active and alive. This inactiveness  is most in part due to the fact that we have entered the part of the game where the very poor social aspects of the game and 1-7 day upgrades are just making Battle Dragons itself somewhat boring to even hang out in.
For those who want to contact or interact more with Infinite Union members, we have G+ Hangout chats for IU and IU in Battle Dragons. I highly encourage doing so.

Also, I have noticed that Skavenger has visited our website. I want to show my deep regret that I was not here to respond to the one man who made a guild that changed my life for the better. To you, Skavenger, I will ask for your forgiveness for it was rude of me to be inactive from the website while you decided to see how IU was doing. I hope to hear back from you!
Welcome to our new forum. If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask. Please drop some suggestions while you are here too!

Please read our rules before you apply!

To fill out our application form please go here

If you have been approved, send us a request in-game to join!

Please introduce yourself here!

Check out our awesome new signature! Anyone is free to use it, in fact we encourage that you do use it!

Spam threads advertising torrents and "Free things" will result in a warning and immediate deletion of the post. More than one act will result in a ban. The three recent people to join were obviously a single person hoping to litter and destabilize this forum with such junk that would lead to viruses. All three accounts have been dealt with.
This website may be inactive right now, but I will still enforce the rules and regulations that is going to keep it together.
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